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After you and your family are comfortable with the estimate package provided, we will move forward into pre-construction. The pre-construction phase of a project is just as critical as the construction itself. Our design team, with vast experience and expertise, consisting of Sierra West Construction, site surveyor, architect, and engineers will work to convert the conceptual design into blueprints ready for construction. We can quickly foresee and eliminate any obstacles that may hinder or delay your project’s success. We will collaborate closely with you to confirm your desired product selections. Sierra West Construction is here to help you realize cost savings before actual construction begins. If you have already designed your project and are ready to build, we work closely with your architect and engineers during the early planning stages of your project. After we have a final design and product specification package, we will develop your construction budget. As we move into the construction phase, we build a comprehensive construction schedule so you can track our progress and prepare your family for the transformation.

Our Process

Remodel  Specialists

Initial site meeting and project feasibility study

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We meet with you and your family to discuss your remodel ideas. This initial site visit allows us to fully understand your vision, evaluate the scope of work, do a thorough feasibility study, and offer ideas and suggestions to inspire trust and confidence. We take measurements of the area, detailed notes, along with pictures to help us reference key areas of the project. We strive to educate you in the construction process and the monetary commitment required. This will allow us to better understand your investment expectation.


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We schedule a second meeting to present you with a detailed estimate package. Our goal is to provide a clear picture of the cost of construction. The first part of our package is the scope of work summary. In this summary, we recap our discussion of the initial site meeting, and describe the scope of work as we understand it. This is a key step to verify that we have accurately identified your remodel ideas and expectations. The next part of the estimate package is the design. We are proficient in CAD software, which allows us to draft a conceptual design. The design serves as a valuable tool used to substantiate the cost of construction. We then prepare a detailed description of materials specification sheet. The specification sheet consists of real products used as a reference to support the construction estimate. During the pre-construction process, you will have the opportunity to select your own products, however our initial product selections will give you a starting point to achieving your desired construction budget.

​​While building a new home or remodeling your existing home is exciting and emotional, it can also be a challenging process. We strive to improve each client’s experience throughout the construction process, keeping it enjoyable, while truly demonstrating the highest level of customer service. Our expertise lies in transforming creative ideas into reality, and we are also determined to ensure that our clients have fun while being engaged in the process.